About us

Lily + James is a must-visit modern apparel boutique that offers a carefully curated assortment of classic apparel and accessories. We are about finding who you love to be through the clothes you wear and in the confidence gained in knowing your own personal style that makes you feel really, really good about yourself!
We carry classic pieces that serve as the foundation of any great, stylish wardrobe, as well as, on trend fashions for anyone wanting to add a little pop of interest to their outfit. Our premium brands are brand we love, those we love to wear, and ones we cannot wait to share. Our dedication to quality not only offers stylish and on-trend essentials, but those sourced from emerging artisans who are ethically and socially mindful. Whenever possible, we pay particular attention to smaller inventories and to products made in the US, proving real value for your money. 
Welcome to Lily + James, we are so glad you are here. There is always something something new...so make sure you visit often!